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Portraits of children and youths who survived the massacre on the island of Utoeya outside Oslo (NO) 22.07.11, where 69 young people were killed.

“My life changed in more than one way. In primary school, kids used to make fun of me. I felt sad and I retreated completely into myself. After Utøya, I have managed to return to the real me. Of course there are moments when I’m sad about what happened. But generally I’m positive, social and I appreciate life more.”

Cecilie Herlovsen (17) hid at the south end of the island, where she was shot in her arm, her shoulder and chin. The last bullet was stopped by her wisdom tooth, which most likely saved her life. Cecilie had to amputate her arm.

Photo: Andrea Gjestvang/Moment

Sarpsborg, Norway

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