One Day in History

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One Day in History

Portraits of young people who survived the massacre at the summer camp of Norwegian Labour Youths (AUF), on the island of Utøya outside Oslo on July 22nd 2011.

Mohamad Hamed Hadi (21) from Brumunddal was shot in the left shoulder, left leg and chest at the pump house. He was carried to a boat after a while. Mohamad was in a coma for nearly two months. He had to amputate his left leg and left arm. Afterwards, he spent a total of eleven
months in hospitals and rehabilitation. Mohamad came to Norway as a refugee from Irak.

69 people were killed, and around 500 survived. Some were badly wounded and one year later many struggle to return to normal life.

PHOTO: Andrea Gjestvang/MOMENT

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